Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Righ to Lifers:Baby, You're on Your Own

part dos: The sanctimony of "Right-to Lifers" a case in Italy a woman, who had been in a vegetative state for 17 years finally had her feeding tubes removed...despite the efforts to stop that action,by the Pope and government.....very much like a case here in the U.S. They (the RtL) spoke of "God's will"....yet it was man/science that extended those lives....when left to God, those people died....weren't we playing "God" by keeping them artificially alive? Our previous government deprived people/ children of much needed Aid if it included any mention of birth control/family planning. Children here at home are being brought up in substandard environments and inadequate nutrition... where are the marches of protest?? We send our young men and women off to war to be killed or maimed in body and in spirit, yet fail to fund the cost of health care/ rehabilitation. It seems that the "sanctity of life" only spans the time from conception to birth....after that,baby, you are on your own.

~ Comments by "Skazski," aka Regan's mom.

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