Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sour Repugs?

What in the hell is up with those Republicans?? Could it be that they are still miffed that Obama won the election and that he is so popular not only here but world wide? The GOP is acting like a spoiled bunch of 2 year olds! True, it has been only 30 days but it is high time they got over it and remember that they are in Washington to serve the whole country not their own personal agendas. It is quite clear that the Reps. aren't going to accept Pres. Obama's overtures of bi-partisanship so it is time for him to stop "playing nice" ...before they get too full of themselves, and high time the Dems.to show strength and not concede to those sore losers!

~ Comments by "Skazski," aka Regan's mom.

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