Monday, February 9, 2009

Here's Hoping
Politics as usual vs. the common good.......despite Pres. Obama's (and his platform) victory....the Republicans cling to their elitists' policies, and to hell with the rest of the country.....I hope that the Democrats develop a back bone and the spunk to fight back and not cave in as usual.

Unholy Mess
Some one once said that to be involved in politics one needed a strong stomach....I don't understand this unholy mess but just watching the news brings on a severe attack of nausea! If the average citizen can't see what the hell is going on (in Congress) without wanting to throw something at the TV set....that person is in a coma!!

Boehner: Join the Comedy Club Circuit!
Welcome to would be funny if it wasn't so sad. The very same Republicans who for the past 8 years played starring roles in bringing this economical mess to fruition are now saying "wait! we have a better plan but it will take a bit longer to put together"....may I respectfully suggest that Rep. Boehner quit his day job and go on the Comedy Club circuit ?!

Cut Republicans Salaries
What am I missing here ? more Savings account,no pension, no home, no job....and a tax cut helps me how??? here's an idle thought....just suppose the Republican Congress were to have their salaries (and perks) cut to equal those of the average workers for six do you think they would vote?

Oregon Cuts
Today , in our state........Tax Cuts=Budget Cuts=Human Services Cuts,school closures, and cuts to the Highway Patrol....among other services. In one's home, or the state or the Nation.....if funds don't come can"t go it or not, taxes are a necessary evil.

Is Obama Naive?
while I applaud Pres. Obama's philosophy of non- partisan politics....I fear that he is being stunningly naive...remember what Chamberlain's appeasement accomplished?!

Too Young To Know?
My stars and garters!!...did my ears deceive me? ...a leader of the free world admitting to making a mistake!!! after the b---s--- of the past 8 years I am like, totally in shock.....what is the world coming to ?

Guess who said "government never built anything of importance"....that's right...the new Chairman of the GOP.....I reckon that he's too young to remember the WPA and all those highways,etc.,that they built.

What an interesting imposing a salary cap on those CEOs of failed financial enterprises (who received bail out funds)...a terrible drain of "talent" would occur....are they referring to those exceptional " talents " who were the engineers of this gawd awful financial mess? I wonder how they can maintain a straight face while uttering such a con!!

One thing is absolutely matter which path we choose to go forward , we will most certainly fail if we stay on this same,sorry road. This is a new century, a new world and the time for a new way of thinking.

Since we have the attention span of a's a thought......why not keep a list of those Senators and Representatives who vote against the "Stimulus Bill" and keep that list at hand when reelection time comes good turn deserves another.

Quick , Renfrew , the stake.....although the Puppet has gone the Ventriloquist remains behind to spew forth his Mantras of fear and the elimination of our civil rights.

Dress Code
Dress Code for the Oval Office.....good grief! are we still in school? how trivial can we get? correct me if I'm wrong , but isn't the character of the man behind the desk more important than his wardrobe? you would think that we learned our lesson after the fiasco of the past 8 years....enough!

Hand-outs vs. Bail-outs

Hand-outs vs. Bail-outs.....remember back in the day all that foo-fa-rah about
"Welfare Moms" and the Welfare Syndrome that a certain political Party ranted against ? One "class" of people were singled out as being irresponsible , living on the government dole (with no inclination to work) other words a "drain on society" we also have a class of people who are being rewarded for being irresponsible,greedy, and with no sense of wrong-doing... yet the sense of outrage and demeaning comments is oddly muted this time around.....I guess it all depends on which "class" you fall into......or political Party.

Smiley-Faced McCain

Where's the change? wonder Sen."tax cuts" McC. is looking so relaxed and smiley-faced these days......he must be thanking his lucky star every night that he wasn't the one to inherit this mess! Now he can sit back and fire pot shots at his rival all the while accusing him of not being "bi-partisan" God only knows I am not against the elderly,but isn't it time we get rid of these old f---s ?!

Why I'm An Angry Old Woman

I have a friend who scolds me for concentrating on politics (and related issues) so here goes....why I am an angry old woman....Part Uno; the hypocrisy of our society...a Gold Medalist was pictured taking a hit from a bong...heaven protect us! such a hue and cry of outrage! one would have thought that this (very) young man had pissed on the Pope! what nonsense....if he had been shown tossing back Tequila shots few eyebrows would have been raised. You say that pot is not only illegal but a mood alerter? well, what about coffee, beer,hard liquor and prescription drugs?? never mind the cases of manslaughter, child and/or spousal abuse, hours lost from the workplace due to "hang-overs" or accidents caused by the and socially acceptable substances and ..we haven't even touched on the monetary costs to the body and wallet. I am not an advocate for marijuana , but I do strongly object to this double standard..."weed,bad/ booze O.K."

~ Comments by "Skazski," aka Regan's mom.

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Ray said...

I agree with you: part of the problem for too long is the Democrats don't show any backbone. The Republicans have brainwashed too many people to think that liberalism = socialism = satanism. Remember when the Democrats were afraid to use the "L word?"