Thursday, October 30, 2008

just a thought.....couldn't this whole Palin wardrobe brouhaha been prevented by shopping at , say , Macy's or Target???

Aha! now all is clear......despite all the information about Sen. Obama that has been aired and published during the past year and a half......I have the REAL information......this is straight from the mouth of a self-proclaimed Conservative Republican...." Obama isn't really even a citizen of the U.S., He was actually born in either Indo-China or Kenya and his birth certificate was, by secret dispensation forged".....egads and little catfish!!......well I guess its true....the Aliens have landed and are living among us!

Again what's in a name ? .....labels don't pay the doctors' it " spreading the wealth" , call it " socialism"....hell's bells ,if it means health insurance that we all can afford then what's the damn problem??

A warning to all future candidates of any political party....the general voice of the many who remain "undecided" or of those who refuse to vote is because of nasty smear tactics of the candidates / political parties. Those people are so angry and " turned off" that by not voting they are sending the message ENOUGH!!


Lesley said...

Hello Regan's Mom!

I actually had planned to not vote this year. Basically I don't like or trust any politician. However, McCain's insult of choosing Palin along with their hateful tactics was enough to get me to go wait in line yesterday and vote.

BTW, love your blog!

Atrueoriginall said...

Hi Regan's mom. After I was finished reading what you had to say in your blog, what spewed from my mouth was the following.....

"Boy she sounds like me." And you really do. It's as if we use the same words and lingo for that matter. How weird is that?

You're not angry, you're just disgruntled. We're all disgruntled this time around.

I'm topsy turvy on both candidates actually. I'm more a green party person.

Just the same, you must see how I portrayed the two boys for Halloween today. You'll love it.

Keep those comments coming because this is neat.

Nice talking with you.

Eileen (aka: Atrueoriginall)


Ray said...

Regan's Mom:

Is that how I should address you? I have a problem just calling you Mom. Maybe you could have an on screen name - like Rosie the Riveter. You do have a riveting style, nailing each topic right on the head.

Palin should buy her clothes at Target and Wal-Mart. How gauche! The party of the flithy rich represents the common people? - hah!

Don't lose the anger.