Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mom was on a roll today!

What in the hell is going on with AIG! what kind of " oversight" is being applied to these bailed-out companies? A mere apology from AIG is not sufficient( esp. after a 2nd. incident) they must deduct those monies, plus interest,from the government handout!

In an ideal world political candidates would only be allowed to speak of their accomplishments, why they want to change the status quo and of their plans for the future of the innuendos, personal attacks or lies/ half-truths about their opponent....and PLEASE, for the love of God, limit the time for Campaigning!

The dumbing- down of America....again.definition of Eloquence; speech or writing that is vivid, forceful, fluent graceful, and persuasive......this would seem to be a reasonable asset in a debate...yet McC. twice put down Obama's"eloquence in a very snide manner ( debate# 3)....perhaps his 8 year association with that famous word mangler from Texas has also dumbed-down his understanding of language..

Joe ,the plumber....I don't know how it is where you live but in my small town plumbers earn $75.00 per hour....and time and a half on week-ends,holidays or after hours......and we are talking about him why????

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