Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Smokers Need A Place

Lastly,the "Demonization" of smokers. While tobacco is still legal in this country and smokers pay a higher tax than consumers of alcohol they are treated as pariahs. Without going into all the evils that are laid at tobacco's doorstep...that is a choice of the individual....to smoke, or not. Why then, can't smokers have establishments of their own? With the advancements made in ventilation systems...that should be a possibility.


nannyknowsbest said...

Go Mum go. The World needs people like you. Most people in their 20s and 30s ( I am in my 50s), think that old people have no views, no passion and can "safley" be ignored and put in homes. You prove them wrong. Just because your body is getting older does not mean that you get any less angry and totally peed off with the arrogant young idiots that seek to rule our lives - "for our own good". No - if you can, get yourself up to within 1Km (that's about 1/4 mile in old money) of parliament, set yourslef down in a nice chair, hang a sign round your neck saying "I am 80 years old and really pi**ed off with these tossers" - and see if they arrest you. Wait for a nice day, take plenty of your favourite tipple and just tell them to go to hell. I would join you for that. Go for it Mum.

vincent1 said...

Regan, what a wonderful thing for you to do, to set up a blog to give your Mum a voice.
I am from the UK (England) and I wrote to Aged Concern, re: the elderly and forcing them out of nursing homes ect. I was so angry, I was spitting feathers. But the reply was very patronizing to say the least, also a friend wrote to age concern Scotland.
I am in a campaign group called freedom2choose.info we are fighting for choice and truth.
There have been many lies to push this ban through, it is destroying the pub culture here. It destroys social lives, jobs and creates a hatred, that is not healthy.
If you are from the USA have a look at forces.org - smokersclubinc
Many are now popping up over the net Worldwide.
You Mum is not alone by any means, but for those who cannot use computors, it must feel like you are.
We have International threads on our forums, should you wish to visit our group, we also have some great frontpage articles.
Christopher Snowdon is writing a book and other have debunked much of what we see through the media.
Please give you Mum a big hug for me and let her know she is not the only one who is angry.
mandy vincent