Sunday, January 25, 2009

O Frabjous Day

O , Frabjous Day !......what an astonishing and inspirational event.....the feelings of joy and hope were palpable to those of us who watched the ceremonies at home and listened to the radio at work....." Farewell night , welcome day"

Some times its hard to be an optimist.......Republicans ( Conservative ) are still up to their old obstructive tricks , putting their political aspirations ahead of the welfare of the country.....guess the " winds of change " have blown right over their heads.!

Conspiracy theories leave me cold...but an unpleasant thought came to me while watching the news.....could the delay over the confirmation of the new AG appointee be due to the GOP wanting assurance that there will be no " war crimes " investigation/ action taken by this Administration against the previous one? President Obama has said that he only wants to "look forward not to the past ".....yet by saying that he tacitly condones those criminal acts and could set a precedent for future Administrations. This is a very thorny situation and not bound to be popular with " Main Street "......Pres. Obama can try to repair the damage done to our Constitution and to the erosion of our civil liberties without ruffling too many feathers....but this war crimes issue concerns not only America but the whole world.

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Ray said...

In no way is terrorism is justified, especially when innocent lives are lost. That said, there are probably some terrorists out there who feel "justified" from their POV in committing violents acts because Bush-Cheney have remained unpunished for the "war crimes" they have committed.

How you define "terrorism" or "war crimes" depends upon whether you're the one dropping the bomb or the person under it.