Monday, January 19, 2009

Palestinians vs. Israelis

For those of us who had such high hopes for a new cast of characters and a new way of doing business in Washington....we got Clinton this huge country were there no other capable , intelligent people to fill these jobs? I fear that being " all inclusive" there will be so many arguments between those different factions that nothing will be accomplished and it will be back to the same old quagmire of inaction.

re Palestinians vs. Israelis....can we put aside our old prejudices for a moment? When one group of people are subjected to daily harassment , kept in a state of abject poverty and forced to live in an environment that echoes the Stalags of another it not any wonder that a deep sense of resentment and anger exists? these conditions provided a perfect breeding ground for terrorist groups to thrive....just perhaps , if Israel had been a more com passionate e neighbor some of this enmity could have been averted and Hamas would not have become so powerful and popular. There is plenty of blame to be shared , by both sides and , sadly , no sense of morality , humanity or integrity.. This attitude ( of Israel ) that " we are stronger than you and we will smash you " is not likely to inspire any Arab with a sense of awe or to cause a sudden burst of affection among the warring factions....remember the old can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar?...shalom

To state the obvious....between Black and White there are many shades of can be empathetic to the plight of the victims of wars without condoning the perpetrators of those wars.ideally people would look at a situation from all points of view before leaping , blindly , to a judgement...I think that is one of our greatest faults in dealing with most of our problems.

Not only am I old but not terribly bright daughter is visiting me this week-end and showed me how to access " comments " on the mirror blog......thank you , Ray for your input, and Lesley and others who have taken the trouble to respond.

~ Comments by "Skazski," aka Regan's mom.

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Ray said...

Good to have you back. We need more bloggers with a sense of history.

I watched a story on the TV news about the tunnels between Gaza and Egypt. Yes, they are being used to smuggle weapons into Gaza - but also retail items like food that the Palestinians trapped there can't get thanks to Israel.

Many shades of gray, indeed.