Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hawks Circle Obama and Iran
Well! the hawks are at it again!.....they are calling out Pres.Obama for "not taking a stand"(???)on the Iranian election and ensuing protests.....that is an Iranian,internal affair and the Prez is quite right not to get involved....the U.S. has a long history of meddling in other countries'policies and has created many problems,not to mention enemies,for us. Already the ruling regime,in Iran,is accusing us of fomenting their troubles.It is obvious how Obama feels,which is good,but for him to take formal action in any way would be a serious mistake!

Obama and Health Care
re Bill Maher's comments about our Prez.....in one respect Bill is quite right....if George Bush could stand up and get us into a war (which takes lives)....President Obama should get tough and get a Health Bill (which saves lives) through! As for being on TV too much.....he is an unusual,charismatic leader who attracts attention whether it is wanted or not...and he promised,in his campaign,that he would keep the country informed on what he does....that's a good thing. However he hasn't acted fast enough on some issues that are important to many of us....but I realize that he got a terrible mess handed to him as a "welcome to the White House" present and it will take time to get it all sorted out...so,Bill,just have patience and hope for the best.

Iran Protesters: Refuse
Since the Grand Ayatollah has prohibited the opposition to the "election" from further marches and demonstrations....what would happen if all of those disenfranchised voters,throughout Iran,stayed off the streets,remained in their homes,did not shop,did not attend school or transact any business all on the same day?They could call it having a "day of private prayer".What kind of reaction would that have on Iran's economy, on the Mullahs???

Geezers in Congress
Don't any of those old geezers in Congress think before they shoot off their mouths?We are involved in 2 wars at the present., and face a real threat from North Korea,..do they think we need another one with Iran? Who do they think would be doing the fighting?....certainly not THEM.!!solution to follow........

On George Bernard Shaw and the "Romance" of War

solution;over 50 years ago I heard a record by George Bernard Shaw on which he spoke about the "romance" of war....(the glorification of battle,the mystique of banners and uniforms and the hyperbole of jingoist slogans)...he said,in effect,the sight of young people(our future generation) marching off to slaughter brought tears to his eyes....instead,he suggested conscripting all those old,doddering war mongers.Send them off to battle,to feel the "glory "of being shot at,of being blown to smithereens send them to the front lines not to some office job or high above in planes....maybe then we would see the folly of war....the futility of "bomb first ask questions later."..

~ Comments by Skazski

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