Friday, July 3, 2009

Dangerous Rhetoric
Tonight, after listening to an interview with Sen.John McC.......I was infuriated by the s--- that came out of his mouth! He obviously doesn't remember(and hopes that we don't either) our involvement in other countries affairs when he spoke of "America stands as a symbol of freedom and has always been against any regime that oppresses its people",He spoke of Pres.Reagan and his courage in speaking out....where? in Nicaragua?? in Chile?? Peru? Guatamala in 1950 ? We have always backed a regime that was beneficial to our interests! This is the type of rhetoric that is so dangerous....and tonight,we should be thanking our lucky stars that McC didn't win the election.....because as a statesman, he is a disaster.

What the Hell is Going on with our Prez?

What the hell is going on with our Prez? On Inauguration Day he proclaimed that his presidency would be one of "transparency"...and on many issues he has been forthright.....however,on many important matters he has been behaving more like the previous holder of that office,much to the dismay of a large segment of his followers....he appears to be embracing the same cloak of secrecy( a la Cheney)i.e.public disclosure continuing the wireless wire-tap actetc.,etc.,Why is he covering for the Cheney Gang?Why is he stalling on DADT? What is going on behind the scenes?Why the about face? This ain't "Change",Bro!

~ Comments by Skazski

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Ray said...

Prez Dubya claimed that terrorists hated us for our democracy. But what about all the undemocratic meddling we've done in other countries that got them p.o.'d at us? Were the hostages taken in Iran at the US embassy because they were jealous of our democracy? Or was it because they were angry about getting screwed over by the shah, the puppet we put in power?

And for you narrow-minded CON-servatives out there, I'm not condoning or justifying terrorism in any way. I'm pointing to why it happens, how we at times cause our own problems.