Monday, June 15, 2009

Far Off The Map of Reality: Kill Pills
well,this is a new one and one that really stretches the imagination........apparently birth-control pills (and contraceptive devices) are listed with abortions as killers of the unborn!...thus the proliferation of "The Pill Kills" signs. Just how far off the map of reality these folks have strayed is yet to be determined,but according to their logic next it may be the sex act itself.....just thinking NOT to have sexual relations might be in the same category......."prevention kills" might become a new theme! Lord,help us all! We have truly passed thru the Looking Glass into topsy-turvy world!

Dr. Killers=Taliban

Does anyone else find the murder of a doctor, who conducted a legal practice, not only sad but very,very scary?....and this is not an isolated case....there are too many groups whose ideologies and goals are more in line with the Taliban and other extremist groups as are their methods ...terror and murder! These people live among us,in our neighborhoods,and freely go about their business.....yet we are afraid of having some Gitmo prisoners locked up in maximum security prisons in the US.....where the hell is the sanity of that???

Suds Makers:Pay Up
In the state I live in, the lack of funds/revenue has caused a huge deficit.....meaning more school closures, more teachers laid off, a decrease of social services and fewer law enforcement officers....and,the early release of many prisoners. Yet our elected officials,in their wisdom, have rejected the proposal to raise the tax on beer,wine and other spirits.......we have a large Micro-Brewing industry,in this state, yet these suds makers pay the same tax that they paid 30 years ago!!! It seems that the drinkers of these brews should be kept happy and not inconvenienced....illiterate,perhaps,but happy.

Where ,oh ,where is our "fierce advocate" who promised to end "don't ask, don't tell???" Over 13,000 skilled people,including translators, have been ousted from the military....people we need...yet nothing is being done to change matters. During his first 6 months in office,Pres.Obama has done a good job of correcting the mistakes of the past,but on Civil Rights issues he is sadly lacking....guess the idea that he would be a different kind of leader, not just a politician was just too damned good to be true.

Saber Rattling

The question making the rounds....did Pres.O's speech in Cairo "weaken America"?, in the name of sanity could any reasonable person ask! By speaking openly,without any posturing,he has made us appear to be what we claim to be...a free and open society. Those past chants of "we are #1" the saber rattling (to get our own way)and the bully-ing tactics have not endeared us to the rest of the world and has without a doubt, made us more enemies than friends.....remember the old saying....." you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar".

Jon Voight: Over the Top
re the recent tirades against our Prez.....calling for an end to his "reign of terror"(Jon Voight) is just a tad over the top! This President has only been in office 6 months.....where were those cries of outrage during the last 8 years altho I am not happy with some of his decisions /non-actions I believe that it is early days...and he should be given a chance to prove himself.before the traditional smear campaigning begins....egads,!give the guy a break!...

~ Comments by Skazski

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