Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Arlen Specter
re Arlen Specter....the Democrats need this man like they need the plague....he left his own party(GOP) because he didn't think that he could win reelection as a Republican....not because he changed his attitudes/values ideology. He proved this by voting against the bill that would have given those home owners who needed a break with the banks/mortgage holders..If the Democratic Party had a lick of sense they would not back his campaign for reelection nor would they trust him on any vote that involves the Banking Industry.`

Texas: "Buh-Bye!"
So the Great State of Texas wants to withdraw from the U.S.A.....Yahoo and Yippee! The "new country of Texas" could become the home for all of those old die-hard Republicans and Far Right loonies who repeatedly vote down anything that smacks of gun control,humanitarian acts or civil liberties. Perhaps a fence could be built around this "new" country to keep out undesireables...passport/visa needed,Since Texas ,at present, gets more funds back from taxes than any other state it would be interesting to see how Texas would fare as an independent entity during hurricane season for example.... ,given their philosophy on big government and Federal "hand outs",etc.

Obama: What Change?
another day,another back step from our President......waffling on the withdrawing of troops from Iraq,the timely closing of Guantanimo,the continuation of Bush's policy of warrant less wire taps,etc.,and now the reversal of"transparency". pix relating to illegal/immoral torture. Now,today,out the window went the pledge to put a stop to "don't ask,don't tell." Where is this change you promised us,Mr.President?You say that all of this is on the advice of the "CIA and the Generals"Who is really running this country, Mr.Obama? If memory serves,the C.I.A. is not the most reputable(or reliable) outfit in our government....remember Nicaragua?just one example of their mistakes.

The Orally Flatulent, or Thank God for the Tennis Channel
Oh,Dear Heaven!....what a mess,this week,on TV..."who knew what and when" who's lying about briefings, will Kate continue on? should Miss California keep her title? will that orally flatulent, overweight "entertainer" continue to destroy the Republican Party?.....and the list goes on......thank God for the Tennis Channel! without it I would have lost my mind!

Weird Beliefs: Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, CIA . . .
just one more reason why we should be more careful about the people we send to Washington as our Representatives and Senators......the idea, put forth by Rep.Boehner,et al.,that the CIA "might lie to others but they would not lie to Congress" is not just laughable it is akin to a child's belief in the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny! Do these elected officials read (anything but the Comics and Sports pages)? Can they pass a standard I.Q. test? Do they have any knowledge of history? the law or the Constitution?Do any of these talking heads know anything about the history of the CIA???!!!

Auto Industry in a Looking Glass World
What did I miss here? Wasn't the point of that automotive "loan" meant to encourage said industry to retool production and produce more efficiently functioning cars.....not to put thousands more people out of work,such as dealers and their employees.....if someone buys a dealer franchise,pays for the cars from the manufacturer pays his support staff and pays for their health does closing those dealerships benefit the car makers? The dealer and his employees are tax payers who contributed to that "loan" does this help anyone? The only ones to profit from this Looking Glass world would be the German,Japanese and Korean car makers.

~ Comments by "Skazski," aka Regan's mom.

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