Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Collection of Posts: Guns, God, and More. . .

here is something else that baffles me......WHY do politicians, of every party,feel it necessary to mention God at every possible opportunity? This is unheard of in most of the civilized nations around the world.....even though they are every bit as religious,Church attending,and God-loving as we profess to be......could it be that others consider religion to be a private , spiritual matter not to be used as a "battle flag"??.....just wondering`

here is something else to consider....why does the NRA continue to mislead the public about assault weapons??No citizen of this country has the need for such armament,not for personal safety and certainly not for hunting.....remember a few years ago when the LAPD had to go to gun stores to get those weapons because they were being out gunned by some bank robbers?Banning such weapons has nothing to do with hunting rifles or hand guns for personal protection......and just look at the "Drug wars" that are being fought ,not just in the country next door to us,but along our borders....and where are these weapons being smuggled from? from us!Our politicians must forget the NRA and it's lobbyists and really crack down on the manufacture and sales of these weapons....there is no rational excuse to do other-wise.

Holy Smokes!....the tax on cigarettes has just gone up another$1 plus....that's on top of whatever individual states choose to some places that amounts to over $9 per pack.....while I applaud President Obama's reasons for the increase ,could we have a bit of equity here? When will he announce an increase in the tax on alcohol? Guess we will have to do what we did in WWII...relearn to roll our own...with my arthritic old hands that will be lots of fun!

Viva least one country has the moral/ethical guts to call out the Bush administration on torture/war crimes....too bad it wasn't know, the nation that " reveres" the Constitution that extols "freedom" and "human rights" is a shame that President Obama has chosen to be a politician rather than uphold that Constitution.

Conspiracy theory # who knows......the most secretive Veep of all time has an underground network of operatives( who are loyal to him and the GOP) in the Pentagon, Intelligence agencies and other government offices....and fronting the operation are such public personalities as Limbaugh Gingrich Glen Beck etc.,...and their mission is to overthrow the present is said that in every rumor there is a kernel of truth....hmmmm....isn't it odd that we have been hearing more from him in the past few weeks than we did when he was actually in office??

When the Constitution was being drafted "the Right to Bear Arms" referred to the right of householders to keep firearms in order to have a militia....a civilian fight off any external forces such as an invading army.I think it unreal that our ancestors were sanctioning gangs of teenagers waging wars on the streets( Bloods v. Crips )assassination of leaders whose dreams were considered dangerous(Dr.King,for one) or disgruntled ex employees shooting up a place of work or mentally ill misfits slaughtering their classmates/spouses/families.This "Wild West" mentality has been a curse on us far too long.It is time for serious, unemotional discourse on the dangers of guns and responsibilities of gun control.

What has this world come to??? after seeing some of those loonies on UTube ranting about the need to stockpile guns NOW ("before President Obama bans weapons") makes me more than just a little afraid....just the thought of those nut cases being armed is enough to make me want to go out and buy a gun.....for protection against them.... .What the hell happened to common sense??

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Ray said...

...could it be that others consider religion to be a private , spiritual matter not to be used as a "battle flag"??But such flags are great to get everyone into a group mind, thinking not as individuals. Invoke "God" and people will rally around that. Invoke "the flag" (representing the USA) and people rally around that. Take a politician or commentator with his own twist on God and country. He invokes both at the same time and people won't question his self-centered machinations.

Stay Angry! Stay individual!