Sunday, May 24, 2009

The recent attacks on Speaker Pelosi and calls for her to be removed from none other than morally bankrupt former Speaker Newt Gingrich...are blatant attempts to shift the spotlight from the misdeeds of the former administration ie. Dick Cheney and gang.For us elderly folk,who have long memories, her arguments about being "mislead" by the CIA comes as no surprise nor do they seem unreasonable.....just look to history..

The Value of Newspapers
Even in these days of faxes,internet,etc.,there are many of us who do not have access ,or do not use computers.....ergo,most of our local news,accounts of community events,regional sports,and other items of interest are supplied by our newspapers.. TV gives us only brief selected items....and certainly no in-depth reporting on issues of importance nor can TV coverage begin to cover all of the communities in a region....what may be of interest to viewers in,say,Mountain Home,Ark., is of little meaning to viewers in Medford,Ore......enter the is so sad that so many of them are folding me the written word has more impact than a 3 second sound byte.

Protests at Notre Dame Hypocritical
this is an issue that continues to cause my blood pressure to rise.....the protesters at Notre Dame re: President Obama's speaking to the graduating class...."we do not believe in Killing,we believe in Life"...a noble statement, but just a tad hypocritical.....there was nary a peep when a former President was a speaker there....altho,when he was Governor of Texas,he condoned the execution of more prisoners than any previous Governor,or that he instigated a war that has killed and maimed thousands of souls.By the way,where were the cries of outrage when Humanitarian Aid was denied to thousands of starving Africans( children included) because information on birth control/family planning was included in that package.Once again,the "rights" of the unborn supersede those who have actually seen the light of day

Terrorists: We Have Our Own
NIMBY....those governors who say they won't have "those terrorists" in maximum security prisons within their states sound as though those same terrorists would be strolling in their parks or having "slurpees" at the local 7-11. What about our homegrown terrorists who are currently incarcerated in our prisons? How often have any of them been seen out and about in our communities?Guantanamo has been a blight on our national honor since it those Democrats who voted against funding for closing are reverting to the Demos of old....never mind doing what is right,do only what is politically advantageous.

Armed Citizens
With so very many of our citizens armed to the teeth with every kind of armament(with the exception of heavy artillery),why be concerned about the transfer of Gitmo prisoners to the States?In a country where people shoot each other every day,for no reason at all,if I were a terrorist I would be shaking in my boots at the thought of being transferred here.

What the hell!!!..."indefinite,prolonged detention" those words out of the mouth of President Obama!....what happened to vowing to uphold the Constitution,Mr. President???You are sounding more and more like George Bush!Detaining those might pose a threat but cannot be prosecuted due to lack of evidence? Are we going to be employing mind readers to suss out the bad guys? Seems like someone has been watching too much TV.

~ Comments by Skazski

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Ray said...

Gincrich -- that's one Newt that should crawl back under its rock.

Remember when Newtie boy was being invesitaged for ethics violations and a couple using a police scanner picked up him breaking the rules again? Nothing happened to him but the couple who listened in got nailed in court because it's illegal to listen in and record cell phone conversations -- even if you pick up unethical activity and report it. Newt got a slap on his little wrist, nothing else.