Monday, May 16, 2011

Tea Party Madness: Lies and Cluelessness

Gee, how naive I was in believing that the Republican promise of " Jobs! Jobs and more Jobs" was the objective in the last election! Now it seems that the "Jobs" mantra was a smokescreen for putting an end to social issues that go against their ideology i.e., Social Security, Healthcare the EPA and all the other programs that make up the fabric of our society.! I pray that when the next elections roll around the voters remember the political blackmail that the Tea Partyers used and the disaster they caused in 2011 and vote these terrorists out of office!

Keeping the lower classes in their place...........The President, and most politicians claim that "Education" is the Path to the Future for our children. Yet all over the country one of the first things cut from all budgets are funds for schools, the reduction of teaching staff to schools and repairs to those schools that have not been closed.......all of which continue the "dumbing down" of our country. After all,people who are uninformed and semi-literate are more easily manipulated.....this seems to be the mind-set of the Tea Partiers and the Far Right

It seems that the Tea Party's concerns about the government being "too big" and Sarah Palin's worries that President Obama is leading us away from what the "founders of our country had in mind for us" are so far from reality that it boggles the mind. Don't these folks realize that our country, today, is vastly different than it was when the Constitution was first drafted? For one thing the physical size of the nation.....we now have 50 states...and several territories....each with their own geographical,economical and social problems. that the Federal government must oversee......not to mention the international trade agreements, treaties and global affairs that concern us all! We have problems today that didn't exist in those days, for example ,the Atomic bomb,terrorists, global warming and diseases....get a grip on reality folks!!!

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