Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tea Party Taxes

Cut the Fat at the Top, Layabouts!
Here's a suggestion for cutting the about decreasing those congressmen's salaries? God knows they do little or nothing do deserve the obscene amount they are paid......and they don't even work full-time! They are eligible for the best of healthcare, a housing allowance plus the perks from lobbyists and other interests.....if we all should have to "tighten our belts", why the hell shouldn't those layabouts!!!!!!

We Need a REAL Tax Revolution!
What with the impending shut-down of the Government due to the Tea Party's stance on budget cuts......and its disregard for the citizens of our country (their salaries will continue to get paid) ....again I say cut those incompetent SOB's wages and benefits.. And as for that top 1% that pay little or no taxes....change the tax laws to a more equitable level....including those corporations that ship production overseas. What we need in this country is a REAL tax revolution!! Not an ideology that wants to include Planned Parenthood, NPR, and abortion related items that have no impact on fiscal responsibility. I wonder if those voters who elected these no-nothings now realize what a mistake that was!

Tea Party's "Moral Compass": Chaos, Not Progress
Granted, I am not an expert on many things,but neither are those fiscally ignorant members of Congress who dreamt up this recent solution to the deficit problem. It seems to me that in order to achieve economic stability we must create a more healthy job market and increase the tax base....neither of which the Tea Party is willing to consider.I t seems the "moral compass" of said Tea Party is set at chaos not progress..Their mantra of "not putting a tax burden on our grandchildren" is just a tad ingenuous.....if those grandchildren won't be able to breathe9 due to the slashing of funding to the EPA) or have safe drinking water(same as above),if they will be working in unsafe conditions and for minimum wage( due to the elimination of labor laws and unions) and if those sainted grand kids continue to fall behind the rest of the world academically and cannot compete for any type of job or leadership role (thanks to cutting funds for education) and of course, the country will be overrun with many,many more people all competing for the necessities of life(health care, food shelter etc.( thanks to the elimination of such organizations like Planned Parenthood)........would you want YOUR grandchildren to have to exist in such a world? I don't think so.

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