Monday, September 27, 2010

 New Grandchild!
note from a very happy old woman; Congratulations to Kelly and Mark for bringing a brand new baby girl into our family.. 

Rafa Did It!

At last! Rafa has completed the Grand Slam!...and he is only 24 years old! I can't think of a more deserving champion. He will be tested in the coming year but let'ssee if he can repeat by winning all four majors in one year. 

Tennis Rants

Thoughts while watching the U.S.Open. If a player intentionally smashes/breaks his racket during a match he is given a warning and if he does it again he gets a point reduction......but, if a player berates and demeans an official,i.e. a linesperson nothing is said or done! Does the Tennis Association consider an inanimate object( racket) more valuable than a human being? This is not only unsportsman like it sets a very bad example for young players.

Intentional advantage???? The last 3 players that Federer met were "lefties" anticipation of a Nadal-Federer Final?Too bad RF met Djokavic in the semis!Who decides the match-ups?on what basis do they make their decisions? By comparison Nadal faced much tougher opponents in his early round bias afoot here? 

 Tea Party In The Garden: Wrong Path

In a weird way I understand the Tea Party's frustrations, but I think that their aim is misdirected. They should be angry with the members of Congress and Senate who have constantly blocked almost every action of the President to improve our financial situation. Cutting taxes is only going to make matters is a pity that they (Tea Partiers) are being led down the garden path and would take the rest of us with them. The Republican Party has a history of backing "Big Business" and the wealthy elite and to hell with the underdogs(us)....seems like sour grapes to me.

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