Saturday, November 20, 2010

Giant Step Backwards

The results are in....and we have taken a giant step backwards. The "Tea-Partiers" will have their say, the Democrats will remain indecisive, and every politician will now be focusing on the 2012 elections....therefore, nothing of any importance, nothing will be done. Anything that Pres. Obama has accomplished will be either undone or overlooked by the Republicans in the hope that they will return to power.......its all downhill from now on, folks. This has become too disturbing for me, a world where blatant lies count as truth,ignoring those who need help in order to protect megacorporations,supporting wars that drain us monetarily as well as morally and ,instead of encouraging proper education for our youngsters we fill their heads with utter crap and give them no chance against the rest of the world to flourish.. So, I say....Finito, and God bless you.

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