Sunday, August 15, 2010

Trash TV: A Mug's Game

More Trash TV....They say it's just a game but does that excuse fraud???? Also in the top ten of Trash TV is a show about a group of people, locked in a house for the summer with cameras following every move as they compete for a half million dollars by lying, back-stabbing and even "romancing" their fellow roomies......but the ugliest ploy used by one of these contestants is claiming his wife has an extremely rare disease of a leg, that can only be cured by very expensive surgery. This not only  diminishes those who actually suffer from catastrophic diseases but demonstrates the skewed thinking that it is O.K. to win anyway you can and honesty is a mug's game.....and,yes, the wife is going along with the scheme....God! I hope they don't have children!

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