Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Author Stieg Larsson (Spoiler)

(Rare editorial comment: WARNING SPOILER)

In view of the horrors that are occuring in our world today, this may seem to be trivial to the max....but, what the hell, we all need a diversion....mine is an addiction to Mysterys and novels of Suspense/Intrigue......and some of the best that I have read lately are those of Stieg Larsson..I just finished his last book and was left with such a profound sense of loss after reading the final paragraph.....knowing that the characters are to be gone forever. The author had completed 3 books before his untimely death and the situations/plots were so well thought out and his characters so interesting you couldn't help being invested in them that Larsson's demise became personal..It was reported that he had planned a series of 10 novels based on "the girl" and had left notes on the proposed books, but even if the publishers found someone else to complete them,it would be impossible to recreate his style..Too often writers of this genre are overlooked,,more's the pity.

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