Sunday, May 30, 2010

Not a Tea Party Adherent But Damn Angry

Altho I am not a Tea Party adherent I, too, am very, very angry.....not with the Federal government in general but with the Congress in particular.. It is a body of either comfortably ensconced old men who have enjoyed being re-elected for decades due to the apathy and ignorance of the voters, or a body of newcomers whose only focus is getting re-elected. . .The fault lies partially with us for not paying enough attention to what they are doing. Perhaps term limits is the answer...and instead of the smears and lies that are the base of modern campaigning....the only criteria would be the publishing, for all to see, of their voting record on every issue that comes before them..Maybe that would diminish the roles of the lobbyists and the corporations that they represent.

~ Comments by Skazski

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