Thursday, April 15, 2010

In Vampire Mode, and Nadal's Nike Curse: The Clown of the Courts

Time for Spring Break..aka...The Monte Carlo Tennis Tournament. Since there is a 9 hour time difference, that means going into "Vampire" mode,....up all night and sleeping until noon. This will also be the time to see if the Nike Curse,on Rafa Nadal, will finally be broken. Ever since Nike began tinkering with Nadal's tennis attire the guy hasn"t won a title...even the Sports Commentators have taken to critizing his "horrendous" costumes! Nike has taken a great young player and turned him into the Clown of the Courts....shame on them. This young man has won 5Grand Slams and 35 other championships, all by the age of would think that Nike would have more resect for him.....but obviously they are too busy trying to polish up Tiger's image. 

Oy Vey! Nike is still at one sport's announcer said..."these (blue and white plaid) shorts would look right at home on a Scottish Links, but at Monte Carlo,NO!" Nike should spend their time and energy(?) on making Rafa a pair of tennis shorts that actually FIT rather than how outlandish, and ugly, they can be! He is a brave lad for even appearing on court in those disgraceful rags!

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