Thursday, March 25, 2010

Storm Troopers

Do the words "Storm Troopers" ring any bells?? Now a far greater danger is rising in our, it is not the is the lunatics who would take over the asylum.....they are the ones who do not believe in the democratic process but instead embrace the policies of fear and intimidation, who advocate overthrowing the government by criminal acts. Based on half-truths and utter lies they are conning the gullible and naive into civil reminds me of prewar Nazi Gernany and of what followed. Are we going to sit passively by while this happens??!

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Sandra said...

Very interesting...Back in the "1990s", if you may, I began to develop a sixth sense with regard to my surroundings. From the period of 2000-2003, I went through some extremely unpleasant experiences as what I'd term a substitute schoolteacher who had been discriminated against. I wasn't able to find any particular reason for why I was treated so poorly by other people, or by my peers. In total contempt of the society I found myself in, I decided to relocate to Japan. I am much happier now. I pray for America and her people. I also send my love and blessings to those in Iraq.