Thursday, December 31, 2009

GOP: Hypocritical Blusterings

As much as I am a firm believer in freedom of speech there comes a time when, for the good of the Country, a muzzle should be in point, the former Vice-President, Dick Cheney. Not only does he conveniently forget the massive failure of "intelligence" pertaining to the dreadful 9/11 attack (which occurred on his watch) but the false "intelligence" that led us into 2 wars....wars that have not made us safer but have increased anti-American feelings/actions in the Middle East and other Muslim countries. The Republicans have been quick to leap on the "It's Obama's Fault" band wagon....even though 1 Republican Senator has held up the appointment of a new head of the TSA for reasons that have nothing to do with national security. A New Years Wish...that the American public will see through these hypocritical blusterings and will realize just how far the GOP will go to undermine the Obama Administration. How very patriotic!

~ Comments by Skazski

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