Sunday, October 25, 2009

High Speed Rails for the Holidays
With the Holidays rapidly approaching,and all the hassles of getting from point A to point B,it would seem that this would be the perfect time to push for the development of high-speed rail. The airlines are raising rates while cutting down on services,and flying is more at the mercy of the elements than going by rail..Many of the "developed" countries of the world have such systems,why can"t we? Aren't we supposed to be the leaders in technology? (Ha!)Just think of all the jobs such a program would create and resources saved..

Military Industrial Complex; Meet the Terror Industrial Complex

Does anyone else remember former General,and President,Dwight D.Eisenhower's warning about the"military-industrial complex"?...and now,another General(ret.) has warned us of the updated version..."the terror-industrial complex".It seems the new Big Business/Bugaboo is Terror...with the military Brass urging the Prez. to send thousands more troops into Afghanistan to fight the terrorists....never mind that for years we have been pouring billions of dollars into an unstable and corrupt government with nothing to show for it but the loss of lives......all to destroy a backward,religious sect( that has little credence or backing in the rest of the Muslim world...and the small group of cave dwelling fanatics who were responsible for the 9/11 attacks.Since traditional tactics of war-fare haven't been very effective so far why not try a different approach?

Increase Drones
The different approach....there has been quite an argument,lately,about the use of Drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Many complain that the drones kill civilians as well as the enemy...but didn't the bombings, by the Axis powers and the Allies, do the same in WW II? That was during the time of is this. As long as we engage in wars innocent people are going to be killed. If we can utilize these drones,in a region where it would be suicidal to send in our troops then there should be no question about that use. Suicide bombs kill hundreds of civilians so isn't it ironic that Afghanistan and Pakistan are against the use of Drones? Instead of sending more troops into that treacherous region isn't it smarter to increase the use of Drones!?


I'm do those mountain dwelling "terrorists" get their supplies? You know,things like food, arms,and medical supplies? With Winter coming on would it be possible to Blockade those passes that come down from the one in,no one out. The terrain seems to be unfit for agriculture so they must be getting their food from somewhere.....or somebody.

The 50 Year Plan
This is mind blowing!! Has anyone else(civilian) heard of the Pentagon's plan for a 50 year "Long War" of counterinsurgency for ,not only Iraq,Afghanistan and Pakistan,but fot the Philippines and the Horn of Africa? "experts" included in the making of this plan are a former advisor to Gen.Petreus and a current aide to Gen.McChrystal. The cost is estimated price tag of an ADDITIONAL $2 Billion per MONTH on topof the current cost of $4 billion per month in Afghanistan! Remember the stated strategy of Al Qaeda to exhaust the U.S. militarily as well as economically?Where will these troops be coming from....will the Draft be reinstated?This is a plan that will increase antagonism against us for generations to come....meanwhile,while our home-grown terrorists seem to be growing in number,and when natural disasters strike our National Guard,and funds, are stretched thin....where is the sanity in such a scheme.....another example in the new "terror-industrial" mind set..God help us all !

~ Comments by Skazski

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Ray said...

Just mailed Reagan re: ads for a conservative congressional candidate, Doug Hoffman, running for office in my area (northern NY State) appearing on your blog. Do you know about this?

Also, I can't find a comments link on your newer posts.