Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The SSA's Piggy banks

They say that Social Security is in financial trouble...ergo,it being a government run program that proves how incompetent any government health care bill would be...perhaps if other government agencies/departments would stop using the SSA as their piggy bank we wouldn't be in this fix.There should be laws to protect the SSA funds from such pillaging...then,maybe, they could afford the Cost Of Living increase that is now going to be cut.

Insomnia is my name

And, on the subject of Health Care Reform.....any Senator,or Congressman ,who received more than $500. either personally or for his/her campaign from any health insurance company, should be prohibited from any involvement in the formulating or drafting of all health care bills.This whole issue is getting to be so ridiculous that "insomnia" is now my name! If I could afford going to the doctor and getting sleeping pills I would be the drug companies' best customer...hmmm....could that be their plan?sorry,lack of sleep is catching up to me.

Water on the Moon

One of the more disturbing things on the news.....the discovery of water on the moon.With that announcement came the statement that"we could build factories there to extract that water and then could use the Moon as a base to further our efforts to reach other planets"Apparently it is not enough that mankind has despoiled this planet....we now have our sights set on the ruination of the Universe.

Talk with the Russians. . .

The Military Brass wants more troops in Afghanistan...have they considered talking with the Russians about such a strategy? I don't believe that " conventional" war fare tactics and troops will ever "win" there....just look back to history. Any success there will depend on new thinking and strategies. perhaps by rebuilding the infrastructure and aiding the people....rather than bombing them to hell...might be a start in the right direction..

Funding Wars

Once again our elected representatives have put their own interests before the wishes/needs of their constituents....citing the prohibitive costs of Health Care reform and the Public Option,they voted NO.Democrats and Republicans alike...who received millions of $$$ in bribes, excuse me, in "contributions" from the Insurance and pharmaceutical companies will vote to increase funding for wars but will not vote to save lives at home......they are still in office why???

~ Comments by Skazski

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