Saturday, November 1, 2008

The home strech . . . don't be scammed . . . false idols

Coming into the Home Stretch....a feeling of complacency is understandable if you watch the polls....but many a race has been lost in that last quarter of a mile to the wire....VOTE !....your life really may be on the line!

Rule #1 of the RNC....Obfuscation....the GOP would have us believe that by electing a Senator or a House Representative of the same political party as the President-to-be would cause an "imbalance"....huh? isn't that exactly what they are trying to do? Remember what happened when the past Democratic Presidents had to fight like hell with a Republican Congress in order to get any of his proposals passed? Don't be scammed!

Hey , John....what was that old adage about creating false " idols" ?...Alas! Joe the Plumber has feet of clay after all....campaign appearances , a book deal ,and a possible singing career???What ever happened to that plumbing gig,Joe? Oh, right.....there really wasn't one.

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Fay said...

A big congratulations Regan and mom. "Why? . . . thoughts of an angry old woman" has been reviewed and added to Blogging Women".

I want to thank you for submitting your blog. I'm enjoying reading the post and look forward of more to come.

Coninued success along the way!